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Cannabis Potency: Ingestion vs. Smoking

Cannabis Potency: Ingestion vs. Smoking
With the availability of marijuana increasing, the faithful have greater opportunities to enjoy the properties of cannabis through baking and other meal-focused treats. The first benefit of these culinary practices comes to the forefront as the ingestion of marijuana not only increases the potency of the plant’s psychoactive properties, but brings a sustained effect as well. 
Liver Enzymes
Marijuana ingestion is often vilified by the uneducated as having negative effects on the liver. This is a false claim however, as cannabis ingestion actually stimulates liver enzymes to healthy levels assisting with the thousands of daily regulated processes they are associated with. One of these is the well known effect of an increase in appetite through receptor suppression on HIV positive patients. The only credible evidence to the contrary is linked to the use of chemical fertilizers used during the growing process (think Miracle-Grow). To subvert this issue use only organically grown marijuana in your recipes.
THC is released through heating of the cellular structure of marijuana, and in greater amounts combined with fatty acids in combined recipes. Straight consumption levels are much lower than smoking, but a proper pairing of fatty ingredients such as butters and margarines helps to increase the potency and ingestion of positive THC benefits through bioavailability, and assist in keeping the effects longer than simple inhalation and blood absorption through the lungs 
Through the process of drying over periods of time, the concentration of THC increases in potency for a much stronger and more sustained experience. This process, called decarboxylation, can be sped up through controlled drying and baking at temps within the 105 degree range with your home oven. The psychoactive properties become significantly more pronounced and you will end up with a more pleasing and refreshing experience in your cooking.
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